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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkinstein - paints // host switch

Got some subsurface scattering on this mofo! Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions on the rendering. I approach color like a timid little faun.


Unrelated : my host keeps raping me for bandwidth overages, so I'm switching to Godaddy or A+ or something more reasonable. As a result,, along with my blogspot images, will probably be down while I sort all this out. Hopefully it'll be less painful than I think it'll be, but I doubt it.

This would have to have to happen during my favorite drawing month!


robin_chyo said...

SSS is dope! love the pumpkin! <3

by the way, go check out everything's pretty much unlimited there (bandwidth and storage and blahblah). i've been with them for 2-3 years and i dont think i've ever had any problems with them :]

steve hui said...

very cool!

Vinod Rams said...

GREAT color work on this Paul!

Hook me up with a nice big desktop version! Pretty please!

Danny Araya said...

Your work is an inspiration man, keep rockin.