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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tron-in' it up...

My new pals Kalen Chock and Stefanie Huynh [bottom right] took me to this official "pop up shop" that's temporarily selling all this neat, Tron-style fashion.

Way to go, Disney/Adidas.  You seduced me with your UV-reactive, glow-in-the-dark shit, got my money, and the movie's not even out yet!

Playlist :
[only for future folk -- sorry, Earthlings]

Cursor Miner "Requires Attention"
Subheim "No Land Called Home"
Black Sun Empire "Lights And Wires"
Laughing Buddha "Sacred Technology"
Braincell "Intelligent Being"


Unknown said...

Kalen and Stephanie?! what're they doing there? My brain is exploding from lack of degrees of separation.

Tom Zhao said...

Nice to see this stuff in stores and on cool displays!