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Sunday, July 24, 2011

lifedrawing log - 07.24.11

This isn't conclusive, but I'm pretty sure all blonde women in the world hate me, actively or inadvertently.
Pro tip I picked up from tonight : If you sit cross-legged when you draw, like a dainty little princess, you can stick spare drawing implements *in your shoe.*  I saw a guy with six pre-sharpened pencils jammed up against his sock, ready to go. It was so simple, yet so obvious, and I complimented him on his ingenuity.  (Just don't forget they're in there, or you're likely to stab yourself in the calf muscle.)


otto said...

Fast and cool! )

YBourykina said...

haha not all blonds :D
loving the inkiness by the way ^_____^

Paul Richards said...

Whatever, Екатерина, you're clearly blue-haired! // I found these great chisel tip pens Micron is making now, called "Graphic" -- #3 seems the best. As soon as Wacom makes a chisel-tip stylus that works the same way as the real thing, I'm on board.

evaxe said...

what kind of paper is that or is that cardboard

Paul Richards said...

It's the kind of recycled paper they make grocery bags from, I think. But in sketchbook form.