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Monday, October 17, 2011

It's a trap!

Firstkeeper, bless her Russian-ness, graced me with a matreshka of her own. It doesn't have Admiral Akbar on it, but it has the next best thing : boobs! I think the artist is trying to warn me that, though pretty, women are in fact dangerous alien predators bent on devouring the souls of men. Was that it, Tamara?

Look for Tamara at BlizzCon this year...she'll be the one hunting demons with twin crossbows.  <--Not even making that up.


First Keeper said...

It's one of a few ideas :)

Hullingen said...

Lovely colours! Ialso have a blank matrujka-set that i will paint soon ;)

fleewortep said...

Tamara's the best!)