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Monday, April 2, 2012

lifedrawing log - 04.01.12


[B]ehram said...

love the foot on the screen right drawing. Solid

tony Iammarino said...

Hey, sorry if you have already talked about this question, but I am so curious.

You have a fantastic line quality, not just in your life drawings.

The question is: how do you hold your instruments? Also, how large are these life studies?

Are these shoulder controlled lines, or are they smaller and mainly wrist and elbow movements?

I know there is no substitute for tons of practice and being comfortable, but there is something to be said for the proper aproach and technique when you execute these drawings. It would be a real treat to know how you situate yourself physically to create work like this....I think it is an often overlooked aspect of painting and drawing, but people who draw this fantastic are obviously doing something right.

thx for all the great work you post.


SneznyBars said...