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Sunday, December 23, 2012

lifedrawing log - 12.23.12

3 hour pose broken up into bits.  Lumpy and inelegant.  Should have pushed the lean!

Some of Fellini's faces tossed in here as well...trying to push them further into caricature.  I wish I could go straight to this stronger statement, but the initial effort always winds up "safe."  Safe art is dull art, and the result of having not made up one's mind about the subject.  I expect better from you, me!

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Danny Araya said...

Dang, it's really cool to see how you take the initial face and exaggerate it. I'm really struggling to get better at this. I try to do it with the character designs at work but I'm usually asked to tone it down, when usually I feel I have to do the opposite if I wanna get better at making bold statements!!