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Sunday, January 13, 2008

sketchmeet 01/12/08

Here are my pics from yesterday's sketchmeet : Sketch Night Austin and Dallas Sketch Group together at last! Big thanks to everyone who attended. I can't begin to tell you how inspirational you all are.

Let's draw again soon!


Vinod Rams said...

I see a lot of copies of Braindump! Paul are you sure this wasn't a ploy to sell your remaining stock? "Thank you all for coming, I'd like to introduce a new product..." Like a concept art Avon party!

Paul Richards said...

"While you're here, may I interest you in some fine tupperware?"

Jose Esquivel said...

Hey, man! The meet up was awesome.
You pretty much caught me at my silliest moment while drawing. All tuckered up in my sketchbook even though the drawing was no bigger than my hand. I hope we see y'all soon in Dallas, TX.

Paul Richards said...

For sure! I'll be in carpool #1!

artboymoy said...

I'm jealous. Bastards.... ;p