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...was initially for pieces done on a computer, but has since become a free-for-all. Here you'll find process work (digital and otherwise), sketch pages and studies, sometimes with commentary.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Color crops....

...from two recent dabblings.


artboymoy said...

Cool. When do we get to see the rest?

Corlen Kruger said...

Hey man
Really dig your stuff, been checking your site as well, really love the naughty girls.
Great work keep it up

_ said...

greetings autodestruct,
I've been a fan of your work since before yu created the naughty section ^____^

I'm just starting out, its not going that well :(

Any tips on female proportions (body and face)?

Paul Richards said...

Erm...looking at porn helps. Yep. Lots of porn. I imagine people who REALLLLY like 57 Chevys are more likely to draw better pictures of them, just because they're more familiar with them.

Would do some reading up on the subjects you addressed. There's definitely a lot of material out there.

Billy George said...

Awesome as usual. I love the strong color themes.