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Sunday, February 24, 2008

What can blue do for you?

Here's a walkthrough of my "finished" line art process as it stands. The proportional errors should have been corrected in step one, but as usual I got ahead of myself. I'll do my best to make amends in the color pass, which you'll see in my next WIP :)

1. grayscale thumbnails in Photoshop
2. convert image to pure cyan with channel mixer, print w/ color inkjet
3. tighten with blue pencil over printout
4. black pass with Verithin pencil/hb lead
5. scan, hue/sat out the blue/cyan
6. multiply line art, tweak levels

Shuffled the figures around so they don't look as bunched.


Flexible Elf said...

Cool I thought I was the only person who printed out np blues and finished them off by hand.


Sebastien Gallego said...

Man! You are talented! You have the eye for character design!
Have a good day,


Unknown said...

Great blog- Good to see your work flow.I have also seen your HellChick design floating around the web for a while now, its good to keep an eye on your stuff.

Look foreward to future updates

Red Fox said...

Good work!
They look real good.