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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Necronomicook - modelsheet (layout)

Necronomicook's modelsheet will be "drawn" onto a fleshy page ripped straight from the Necronomicookbook.

Hrm...looking a little crowded...this is more like it...

New thoughts :
-pin tattered page corners down with fork, spork, knife and pizza cutter
-show "Ronko Food Decimator"TM ("Demolisher?") inside Necronomicook's open mouth -- think salad shooter / blender / garbage disposal
-Necronomicook's meat tenderizer is MAGNETIZED, so metal tools can stick to it like fridge magnets -- egg whisk, bottle opener, etc.
-meat hook pierced through lower lip
-flesh loincloth between legs
-CG hub logo as a graphic design element at bottom
-logo also stenciled onto waste drums -- runoff/slurry/biproducts of Necronomicook's cooking are collected in large drums and processed by Necronomicook's official corporate sponsor, CG Hub : "Condemned Gastronomical Hub")
-"Necronomicook" text composed of blades, bones and gore-chunk waffles (inspiration : Johnny The Homicidal Maniac)

Do you think Necronomicook gets heartburn? I'll bet that guy goes through Rolaids like nobody's business.


Michael Pfeffer said...

This is great. I eagerly await the finished product.

Unknown said...

"Nothing goes on the site from now on unless it's to a certain degree of polish/presentability." -you on
Hmm nothing seems to reach that level of polish/presentability? :D maybe the Necronomicook will.