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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thumb War : web version now live!

I posted a browser-friendly adaptation of my recent demo, Thumb War : Design Iteration Combat Simulation on autodestruct. Feel free to peruse and check for spelling errors and gross artistic oversights!

It took loads of time/soulsearching to put together, and while I may expand it later (Little is said about, say, composition.), I'm done with it for now. It was sort of like therapy.

example .jpg

If I'm ever to put together an instructional/promotional DVD, it will be about something wholly divorced from the world of game design and other pipeline-driven art...which I only pretend to understand anyway!


Mike Monroe said...

This is excellent. Thanks for doing this!

Patrick. said...

Thanks for putting this up, much appreciated.

Paul Richards said...

You're all very much welcome!

Billy George said...

Those are AWESOME paul.

Unknown said...

That is excellent- definitely going to pass that along . Thanks for taking the time and effort to put that together.

Vinod Rams said...

Stop giving away all our secrets! Give out some bad advice!

Seriously though, really great presentation. Wish I was there to see it in person!

Corlen Kruger said...

To say your efforts in doing this will not go un-used is a massive understatement, just want to say Thank you , this really helps so mutch.
Keep up the most excellent work.

c0ffeeartc said...

Awesome stuff!! You're lifesaver!