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Thursday, August 19, 2010

sketch night / lifedrawing log - 08.16.10

'Nother standard sketch page and some waaaay iffy lifedrawing from earlier in the week.  Was really not on my game.  All my roughs wound up being much stronger than the ones I did larger.  She needed to look like she was really slouched into that chair, and for whatever reason I just didn't nail it.  Ah well.  That's why I log this stuff.

Oh, a few of us were trying to draw Mumra from memory. My first two attempts were completely off the mark. Don't remember much from Thundercats.


A.j. Trahan said...

ooo nice t-rex

Kash said...

Paul - it`s awesome))) maaan!

Paul Richards said...

Thanks! And AJ -- Jason had brought a t-rex sculpt of Paul Adam's. So that's where that drawing came from. People were passing around, joking about how it had no genitals, etc.