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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

portrait / playlist

On the Photoshop :

In the headphones/car :

Asura "360"
Solar Fields "Altered Movements"
Kaya Project "Desert Phase Remixes"
Digitonal "Be Still My Bleeping Heart"
Igorrr "Nostril"
Venetian Snares "My So-Called Life"
Bong Ra "Monster"
This Morn' Omina "Momentum of Singular Clarity"
Shobaleader One "d'Demonstrator"
Bitcrush "Of Embers"
Bitcrush "From Arcs To Embers"
Proem "Enough Conflict"
Dryft "Ventricle"
Lights Out Asia "In The Days of Jupiter"
God Is An Astronaut "Age of the Fifth Sun"
Olafur Arnalds "And They Have Escaped The Weight of Darkness"
Danny Byrd "Rave Digger"
The Qemists "Spirit In The System"
Mood Deluxe "Hot Points"
Invisible Allies "Hyperdimensional Animals"
Anders Ilar "Stories of Old"
Prometheus "Spike"
Tetrameth "The Eclectic Benevolence"
V/A "Sync:Saphir LP"
V/A "Lucas Presents Tales of Heads"
V/A "Culture Vulture"
V/A "Growling Acoustics compiled by Shuumat"
V/A "Power House mixed by DJNV"
V/A "Ninja Tune XX Vol. 1"
V/A "Ninja Tune XX Vol. 2"




Unknown said...

wow! great sketch dude!
when you work in photoshop do you use many brushes or just one and play with the scale?
When I work in photoshop I realized I spend too much time looking for a good brush... but then if I work with only one, all strokes feel too similar... too identical.
advice? ideas?

Allison Alexander Westbrook IV said...

I remember seeing Venetian Snares at a bar here in brewtown. That shit was wild.

Paul Richards said...

Vsnares will rip a hole in the speaker. // Just a combo of square brushes and round brushes. No big secret.

Allison Alexander Westbrook IV said...

Yeah, he totally looked liked some panhandler who just happened to walk in off the street, smoked a joint, and was allowed to run apeshit on a bunch on a bespoke digital noise making gear.

Tyler James said...

Love venetian snares. Check out their remix of the Sesame Street song Twelve, its wicked sick