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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Painting Practice cntd.

An experiment brought about by a discussion with Theo Prins -- Rather than painting over/under a drawing and constantly comparing the painted version to the line version, USE THE LINE VERSION AS A SEPARATE PLAN FOR THE PAINTING.  Don't even include it as part of the actual painting; just keep it off to the side as a reference.  You get away from the nagging feeling that you're not being true to your sketch, and make a new, different thing that you're aware is going to be new and different from the getgo.  There's something to it.

...And an especially warm thanks goes out to Slide for waking me up to the notion that warm/cool regions of a painting occur in constantly alternating patterns, like stripes on a zerbra.


Oakley said...

Rad and interesting philosophy. Would be tight to see that sea dragon n mermaid rendered up to completion ;)

Paul Richards said...

Yeah. Yeah, it would, wouldn't it? *twiddles thumbs*

David Sequeira said...

aweasome like always, never thougt about this thx to share it, gona try this one!

Routinechaos said...

Hey not a bad idea! I never like painting something with an underlying drawing (when I do paint.... traditionally) so this could be a cool method. Thanks!