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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Necronomicook - mask-out

Foreground on the beautyshot still needs a lot of figuring out (note : slap in CG hub logo first! / more activity on the ground -- People should be scurrying in droves!), but I've got a lot of the dull selection/cleanup work done, which should allow me to just focus on making the interior bits kick ass.

-I'm thinking the smoke on the beauty shot will be handled with a brush of some kind.
-Concerned about making the waffle iron foreground foot read...
-Will be making another file for the center text and all the little captions.

Once I'm crystal clear on all the design elements (which is something I usually brush past foolishly), I'll do a directional light pass, giving me some quick volume. Can't wait to do that, as this is the stage where things begin to pop. It's all been pretty flat so far...

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