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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Necronomicook - pencil progress

Did a bunch of composites of scanned pencils, trying to get a little more specific before doing any tonal work.

Notes :

-I'm not sure "Necronomicook" text will read if composed entirely of kitchen utensils. May have to simply it to scritchy text, using only the gore-waffle as a pictorial element.
-foreground demoness in beauty shot is a rip of Munch's The Scream -- This area still needs a lot of work, but I can cover most of it up with dust cloud and debris.
-ribs added to open oven-chest -- MUST ADJUST ANGLE OF OPEN DOOR -- looks odd now
-Necronomicookbook's escaping spirits warped!
-poo-squirting stream on profile needs to be more extreme
-must figure out right arm utensil on center figure -- little dudes impaled on fork of some kind
-make water tower on back bigger?
-tilt food demolisher forward, so it's less squished and more readable -- play with angle of meathook on lip

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