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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Carlo Arellano gave me a facial.

Art stud Carlo Arellano showered me with an eyeload of info on facial color banding, just for Babe Lab!  It's fairly easy to swallow. 

This is the second of (I hope) many more guest tutorials to be featured on Babe Lab, the first of which is owed to Austin's own Tiffanny Varga. If I've spoken to you about doing one of these, I'm going to continue to poke you until you're red and raw!  I may even resort to crass sexual innuendo.

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Unknown said...

Dude... I consider Carlo my personal professional benchmark. He is the second person that I credit with truly shaping my path as an artist in the entertainment industry. (the first being Thomas Jung through a freak happening) I'm incredibly pleased that you guys got down together like this. I'm a huge fan of you both, and long live Babe Lab! You're teaching a lot of people a lot of things.

Cheers, Paul.

-Jonny Teng