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Saturday, May 22, 2010

lifedrawing log - 05.22.10

Another Naked Lunch session in the bin.

Decided to post almost everything, so you can enjoy my misfires.

Hit the comic shop on the way, and was totally blown over by Rafael Albuquerque's art in Vertigo's American Vampire. I'm not even especially into vampires. The dude just draws great, expressive faces that ooze character. Speaking of character, Brandon Graham's King City #8 also hit stands...can't stress enough how clever that comic is.

Bonus silly faces...(one of which I noticed is still my avatar, d'oh!)

If you can't occasionally take time out to make faces in the mirror, you're taking yourself too seriously.


Zeke said...

Excellent flow in the lifedrawing gesture! Bold linework, dynamic shape, great sense of weight

As an animator, all those hours of making silly faces in the mirror really pay off

tiffannysketchbook said...

i don't see any misfires. these rock.

you are really good at these naked lunch sessions!

Vikram said...

You have just amazing line quality.....Loved the coloring style too.....simple but strong....Loved ur blog.

Grace Liu said...

the last face looks like it's been maniped by a DSi! Except it's not, which is crazy. Your face must be partially made of elastic.