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Monday, May 24, 2010


Random : Here's me with the legendary Toph Gorham at Vigil's summer BBQ. Toph is the master of rivits and floor grates and tank treads (and Starcraft 2). He'll draw any of you digital fucks under the table with the same #2 pencil you practiced your ABCs with, and he'll do it without cheating. Bitches better realize.

Look how he towers over me like a titan.  You can see the difference in our personalities by our respective hand signals.  Toph : "Hey gang! Everything's super!"  Paul : "BREAAUUGHHRRHHRHHRRHHH!!!  KILL!!!  *foam*"


Dado Almeida said...

Ohhh, I love Toph works. I think I've discovered it through your blog, the feel of form in his drawings are great (my favourite is the machinery and the animals, fun stuff). I'm glad to see that he's a nice person too instead of a just great artist.

Anyway. You're rocking with this bust studies Paul, hope you get time and mood to make a more finished one pal (ArtTrack ftw).


Grace Liu said...

haha you look like you are "there", and by "there" I mean happy land, or some such :)

c0ffeeartc said...

0_0 too awesome #%#@(& *explodes*

Anonymous said...

He's so good because his thumb is 3 inches wide!! Oh, just a tangent in the photo...