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Saturday, September 8, 2012

lifedrawing log - 09.08.12

When you're drawing people, draw people.

The model this morning was this beautiful Israeli woman.  A few others in the session decided to draw her that way.  The rest did autopilot "art school" drawings, completely missing everything human about her.

Another person noticed I was drawing on newsprint. "For shame." they said "Those will turn yellow and your art will be ruined!" I was polite, but beneath the surface I was screaming, "DUDE, THIS ISN'T 'ART.' We are here practicing CRAFT. As soon as your drawing is done, you're done with that drawing. Forever. You will not go back and look at it. You will not frame it and put it on a wall and point to it, exclaiming 'GREAT AM I.' The surface has served its purpose."


Olga Drebas said...

I do enjoy looking at the well executed craft piece, no matter what :D

Kurt Aspland said...

Where do you attend these Life drawing sessions?

Anonymous said...

I think you're achieving a new level in figure drawing. Awesome to see.