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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sportin' Mean Wood

While on the topic of trees, here are some sketches I did for an area I wanted to see called "The Tortured Forest."  There were already some wooden creatures in the game by this point -- thought it might be neat to have more corrupted vegetation.

Skulls/mouths in trees were sort of a no-brainer.  "Put a skull in it." was common art direction at Vigil.

Lastly, I pitched, "Death's going to be skippin' through forests choppin' down tree golems, right?  Dude.  He should have a CHAIN-SCYTHE.  Eh?  Eh?!?!"  The image of Death as a lumberjack, let alone a skipping lumberjack, didn't appeal to enough people, so I was told to go back to my concept hole.

...I should have left out the part about the skipping.   

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