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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CG Channel Interview

This was filmed during my Thumb War presentation at Gnomon Live Workshop last summer.

You get to see my twiggy, childish frame flailing around and hear me talking with a slight lisp! Imagine a less composed version of this, and you'll have a good idea of what I'm like in real life.

Lots of Vigil plugs in this. Sellin' the brand, sellin' the brand!

Special thanks to Editorial Director Matt McCorkell for piecing this together.


Vinod Rams said...

"Keep the creative train a-movin'"
You dork!

Hehhe cool interview though, nice to see you get some well deserved recognition!

Paul Richards said...

Thanks :) I think you'd agree that one should be wary of any artist who doesn't come off at least a *little* dorky. Even Ian McCaig, who's eloquent as hell as a speaker, isn't immune. I take comfort in that. Dorky just goes with the territory. No such thing as a concept rockstar; I don't care how much makeup you apply.

Vinod Rams said...


We draw monsters and robots all day, we're all complete dorks.

Csmif said...

Awesome little interview.

Danny Araya said...

Can't say I've seen too many artist interviews as epic as that one

Alex "Rhino" Voroshev said...

Great interview, Paul! :)