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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pose exploration

Killin' time on the couch with my clipboard, letting the space on the page influence (dictate?) the next a puzzle...a sexy, sexy puzzle.

I need to foreshorten my legs more. I have apprehension when it comes to foreshortening arms, legs, trunks, feet, hands...foreshortening in general. Putting that on my to-do list, along with "make heads smaller" and "stop breaking necks."

The thing that's hardest about drawing girls is obscuring stuff. You feel like it's all good enough to be on display, but showing too much actually hurts the pose. Gets stiff and/or inplausible. Plus, even with a nude, something ought to be left to the imagination. Gotta be choosy and let your audience fill in the gaps.


Unknown said...

I really LOVE your sketch and your style!

Unknown said...

SA-WEET, Richards!

Reminds me of the Vargas chicks that ended up as nose-art on WWII aircraft.

Totally dig'em!

artboymoy said...

I think white sport socks would leave enough to the imagination...or a choker...