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Saturday, April 24, 2010

lifedrawing log - 04.24.10

It's a poor artist who blames his tools. In lifedrawing, the model is, in effect, a tool in creating a pleasing image. I'll abide many things, but when people start making lame, outside excuses for their own ineptitude, as Crabby Pants Pastel does by blaming the model for her artistic misfires, someone eventually needs to call them on it. So today I went off on a tear that will pretty much assure I won't be going to that session anymore. Congrats if you're reading this, Crabby! You finally made me lose all composure! I don't think it was worth it, seeing as I'll be missing out on some great models and a great moderator, but I won't miss you one fucking bit, I guarantee. Crabby Pants Pastel -- shirker of gesture, paper defiler -- your artistic development died a long time ago. I hope the rest of you isn't far behind.

applicable Simpsons .wav

AM session (cut short)

PM session

Total reversal of mood. This model got it. Has it. Whatever you want to call it. Totally fun session with no bullshit. And yes, at one point she wore a dinosaur mask.

...and a gasmask.


Gimbal_Head said...

Way to go Paul- accept no bullshit!
People like this... are the equivalent of artistic communism.
They think anyone who picks up a pencil and swirls out pieces of shit is magically more genius than Leonardo Da Vinci, or Sargent.

If everyone in that class HAD to work with the exact same clay, making human sculpture, then the cretins would still be shitting their pants trying to find excuses why their work is poor.

Anyway, had fun at the drawing session, touring Austin, and the awesome critique!

Paul Richards said...

You've got more ability at 23 than Crabby's mustered in her whole miserable life!

tiffannysketchbook said...

really great, as usual. congrats on winning naked lunch... again!

Zeke said...

good stuff standing your ground like that. Great flow to these drawings

Adam Temple said...

A man of my own heart, or lack thereof. Squash the cretins! I envy your dedication to lifedrawing. I haven't been in AGES. "sigh"