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Friday, April 23, 2010

portrait 13

Source : cover art for Noisia's "Split The Atom"
I realized a lot of my heads/portraits/caricatures/whatever have closed mouths. Gonna focus on drawing more teeth 'n' gums!

Recent autodestruct playlist :

Noisia "Split The Atom" [Vision]
Hybrid "Disappear Here" [Distinctive Breaks]
Trifonic "Emergence"
Ent "Welcome Stranger" [n5MD]
Balmoreah "Constellations" [Western Vinyl]
Red Sparowes "The Fear Is Excruciating But Therein Lies The Answer" [Sargent House]
Blockhead "The Music Scene" [Ninja Tune]
Vex'd "Cloud Seed" [Planet Mu]
Starkey "Ear Drums And Black Holes" [Planet Mu]
Breakage "Foundation" [Digital Sound Boy]
Scuba "Triangulation" [Hot Flush]
Tribal Tul "Triple" [Tribal]
Sentient "The Space Between" [Zenon]
V/A "New Blood 010" [Med School/Hospital]
V/A "Are You Jiviin' Yet?" [Adapted]
V/A "Breakfast of Champions" [Morning Monster]
V/A "Haiti Appeal Project" [Organic]

Missed albums :
Tipper "Wobble Factor"
Way Out West "We Love Machine" [Hope]


Oscar Baechler said...

Open mouths are da best. It's a forest of contact shadows!

Vrav said...

Hooray, teeth.

Headphone Commute said...

new Tipper?

Zeke said...

good call! You've got a good habit of self analysis going on, no wonder your work kicks so much ass

Kelly said...

Nice one man, you really nailed the shapes and the strokes

Paul Richards said...

Headphone Commute -- You'll find "Wobble Factor" has been uploaded :) --