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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cowboy Witch : Color (Part 1)

A little explanation : Some years back I turned down a bizarre commission request for a "half-cowboy, half-witch" on the grounds that it was too ridiculous to depict well. My brother Kurt took the challenge and came away with this illustration, which I then colored well past the cell-shaded treatment it probably deserved. It contains a "tartan" texture from Mayang's Texture Libary as well as a fuzzed-out sky. There's no strong light source, and the motion blur is overkill, not to mention irrational since her hair is blowing in the opposite direction. I realize all this now, but oh well -- hope you like anyway it, Kurt! Er, and you too, nameless commission person...

Original [by Kurt Richards] :

P.S. -- I'm determined to get this right tomorrow.