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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Allods art book / Nival pics

Here are some snapshots of the Allods Online art book, which, from what I've gleaned, is not commercially available stateside, so I feel very fortunate to have a hardcover copy signed by Nival's art staff.  From cover to cover, it's proof of what happens when you get a bunch of like-minded badasses under one roof who care about doing their absolute best. Most of this stuff can be found floating around places like cghub, which I really need to be better about visiting, posting and approving friend requests!

The crown jewel : art director Victor Surkov gave me his very first concept produced for an earlier incarnation of the game.  Acrylic on paper.  Just amazing to see up close.  It's one of the nicest pieces of original art I own.

Here's me with Nival's project manager/artist Alexander Gorbatyuk, alias Kyodai.  Alexander was the one of the key people who made my visit possible, and, on top of all his diligent organization, was translating.  Thanks again for such a warm welcome!

Clockwise from left : Alexander Gorbatyuk, Konstantin "Vakon" Vavilov, Alexey "Mex" Samokhin, Maria "Ketka" Trepalina, me -- We're all supposed to be looking revolting.  Smiley photos are so dull!

Clockwise from left : me, Konstantin VavilovAlexander Gorbatyuk,  Alexey Samokhin, Anton "Artonik" Lavrushkin

Good, good times.  Thanks again, Nival!

Friday, September 24, 2010

color test

So I've decided to become a big boy and start giving color a more serious go. Here are two tests from this afternoon, springboarded from seeing the Allods Online artbook. Pics pending!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gloat Post - Gift!

Wonderful and random : Alex Villarreal came out of the woodwork at lifedrawing this week and surprised me with this framed thumbnail -- a sort of thank-you for Thumb War. You're so welcome! And thank you!

Alex also clued me into the fact that I was mentioned in this month's issue of ImagineFX. News to me! They weren't even in contact.

Someday -- SOMEDAY I will earn more than a postage stamp sized image in that magazine. Message to myself : more detail and color, goddamn you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lifedrawing log - 09.22.10

Out of practice for a month, and really feeling it. Sometimes, just before you make the next big leap forward, you can feel yourself backsliding. I'm hoping this is one of those times.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sergey Popov can kick your ass.

Going to Moscow also meant I was able to finally meet the legendary Sergey Popov, whose brilliant concepts and models heavily set the tone of the impending hack 'n' slasher, Captain Blood.  Look for it in about a month!

Just look at that tattooed stallion of a man.  See how easily he could crush me.

We drew stuff!

An unexpected bonus was that I also got to meet Alexey Baryjikov, as well as their friend and business partner Dimitri, aka "Demon."  Everyone in Russia has at least four names.

Addendum : Sergey and I will, as a personal challenge, each be doing our own versions of Quake I's "Shambler." Look for that in coming posts!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mex 'n' me!

Check it out : during my trip I got to meet Alexey (or 'Alexei' depending on what mood you catch him in) Samokhin, aka Mex. He freelances!

After a decidedly un-gay trip to the Moscow Zoo, we wound up drawing each other at a cafe. This was a little gay.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nival live demo

I did  two live demos for Nival.  The first one loosely followed my Thumb War Combat Sim.  I asked everyone present to come up with 6 random nouns and 6 random adjectives, and from there we all set about designing an "unholy gong" starting with thumbnails.  A quick look at ref showed us what we were dealing with -- a framework, a surface for striking and a striking implement.  Away we went!

Disclaimer : It's a challenge to draw quickly/accurately in Photoshop with a wacom tablet, but these were the tools I brought to present with.

Our "virtual art director" chose #2, so we developed the "bat" theme with the aid of ref.

This was as finished as it got during the time allotted.  If you've seen Nival's house style, you'll know this concept comes nowhere near their exacting standards, but it worked for the purpose of showing thought process.

From here, we all got together and discussed each others' drawings.  It's my favorite kind of exercise : the kind where I'm not the only person working!  I was humbled by the amount of compelling ideas produced.  Great fun!  

For my second (and rather impromptu) demo, I sketched a werewolf.  "Beekeeper" was repeatedly suggested, perhaps to nudge me out of my comfort zone, but really, I think they were just fucking with me :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

blueline filler

Before what promises to be a deluge of travelogues, here's some typical sketchbook blather. I don't expect anyone will be all that interested in seeing pictures of me enjoying myself, so here...tits.

Red Square'd!!!

For those of you wondering why I dropped off the blogosphere for the last three weeks, this photo should provide a partial explanation.

Unlimited thanks to Astrum Nival for sponsoring this amazing Moscow trip. I'll get into particulars on how it all came about in coming posts. Stay tuned!