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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Human Exploration - 05.29.13

Regardless of the evening's outcome, I went there.  Poked around.  Before, I was mainly concerned about getting overall shapes of main masses...and I still am...but now I'm fascinated by the shapes of CHANGE.  Turning points, edges, recesses, bulges, etc.  What do THOSE shapes look like?  Do I know change when I see it, and when I see it, can I make those changes DEFINITE?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Substrata -- Week 6 Recap

Pain, pain and more pain...

Top (left to right) :  Darren Bartley, Simon Kopp, Peter Boehme
Middle (left to right) : Max Davenport, Vince Aparo, Nick Carver
Bottom (left to right) : Stephen Oakley, Daniel Chavez, Paul Richards

Project info here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Substrata -- Week 5 Recap

Rogues gallery!

Top (left to right) :  Viktor Fetsch,  Darren Bartley, Nicholas De Spain
Middle (left to right) : Nick Carver, Peter König, Artur Fast
Bottom (left to right) : Max Davenport, Martin Kepler, Stephen Oakley

Project info here.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Combat Sim : Web App

For fans of random subject matter generators :

A fellow by the name of Tom Ellis contacted me to share, "I've been a big fan of your Combat Sim / Thumb War for a while now and thought I'd make a little web-app to help generate some of the suggestions listed, which I find awesome for coming up with concept ideas!"

This is the second such app someone has made, so I'm very flattered!  Thanks, Tom!

Substrata -- Week 4 Recap

New arrivals!   Regular contributors!

Top (left to right) :  Stuart Ellis,  Daniel Chavez, Tham Hoi Mun
Middle (left to right) : Nate Rogers, Paul Richards, Darren Bartley
Bottom (left to right) : Chase Toole, Rayph Beisner, Nick Carver

Project info here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peter Clarke notes - pt. 8

Amazing things can happen when you allow yourself to have an experience. Peter's class definitely was one.

[Peter Clarke and myself not pictured]

"Make some bigger decisions."

[referring to the beginning of a new drawing] "This is the fun part. It's wide open. Anything can happen."

"You have to be here."

"You might not get another chance to come back, so while you're there..." [makes a very specific mark]

"Those small changes in direction are going to involve you more."

"Totally draw that hand. What a cool shape!"

"That foot. Definitely draw that foot. And make it cool. Don't just...fudge it."

"Skin is like clothing. It's just really, really, really tight."

"Commit. If you make marks and then ignore them, why are you making them?"

"You've just got to jump...jump off the cliff."

"Everything you put down should be furthering the drawing."

[puts a piece of scotch tape at the top of my drawing's head, presumably to blunt it] "I'm just doing that to fuck with you."

[lays down tracing vellum over my page] "Try to animate her."

[lays down tracing vellum over someone else's page.] "Draw everywhere else where you haven't already."

"You already drew that."

"You can lean her. Lean her more."

[draws a box] "It's in a space."

"This is the last pose."

[to the model, but also to the class] "Change."

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Substrata -- Week 3 Recap

Things are happening!

Top (left to right) : Allison Theus,  Simon Kopp, Darren Bartley
Middle (left to right) : Graeme McCormack, Helen Rusovich, Martin Kepler
Bottom (left to right) : Mark Behm, Nicholas De Spain, Tatiana Vetrova

Project info here.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Peter Clarke notes pt. 7

[pretend] "I'm not here."

"Sometimes, to get better, you have to make some pretty shitty drawings."

"See more. Draw less."

"What do you want out of this pose?"

"You're trying to find other roads."

"Keep it goin'..."

"Tap and hit and move. You're skating."

"Don't be afraid of your own drawing. Don't be timid."

"You're digging in so you can have those experiences."

"Go in there."

"That's a pretty major event in there."

"I have a feeling, deep down, that you really don't want to draw that."

"See if you can give her an eye. At least one."

"What happened to that energy?"

"If you come to a part you don't know, try going to a part you do know, and come back to it."

"'Where the ice is thinner, I'm just going to run out there.'"

[of a non-dominant-handed drawing exercise] "Your other hand has less memory. You're younger."

[of Egon Schiele, pointing at an arm] "Yeah, that's too long. So what?"

"Let it be wrong."

"She's a coloring book drawing. You get to fill her in."

"She's very thin. Try to let that take over."

[blots ink onto the page] "See what you can do with that."

[in reference to moving quicker] "Maybe you need to not pick [the instrument] up."

[referring to tension points on the body] "She's clipped. Clotheslined."

[pointing to one of my drawings] "Oh no...You caricatured that a little too much."

[admonishment] "You went into your mind..."

"You want feeling, but don't let it get too far out of hand."

"Do things that keep you awake and alive to the pose. You know when that happens."

"Start a new drawing. Recalibrate."

"Try not to have any kind of style. The cool thing is that you were there, doing it, and that's what makes the work better."

"Let go of your inner robot."

[in reference to checking your ego] "You have to be able to slip through."

"Don't give up. Don't let half of an attempt be sufficient."

Meetin' SCRIBS

Friday, May 3, 2013

Substrata -- Week 2 Recap

More enter the fray!

Top (left to right) : John Polidora,  Daniel Stultz, Matthew Lewis
Middle (left to right) : Helen Rusovich, Nicholas De Spain, Daniel Chavez
Bottom (left to right) : Paul Richards, Brett Bean, Mike Franchina

Project info here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Peter Clarke notes pt. 6

""If you're going to make stuff up out of your fucking head, go home and do it there.  You can draw Betty Boop at home if you really need that shape."

"Be angry about it."

"Shout at it with the instrument."

"It's a fucking fight."

"When you come here, you should be like a shark."

"You're a surveyor. [points to model] That's the terrain."

"Who is that girl?"

"Don't lop her off."

"Draw the feet first."

"You call that a foot?  Okay, fine..."

[looking at my drawing with disdain] "Oh man..."

[looking at my drawing with approval, pointing at an internal mark] "Yeah.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  There are so many movements." / "More of this."

"You guys are giving her shoulders like the fucking Hulk.  Look at her!"

"You guys are going to make me drink that Jameson by the sink if we don't start doing something."

"What does it mean to be alive?"

"Remember, don't get bored."

"Don't be programmed.  We've been liberated from the fucking garden!"

"Be sensitive to your options."

"You are the master of that fucking paper."

"No formulas."

"I know this sounds crazy.  It has to be."