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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

evening doodles

STILL trying to arrive at an efficient method for working digitally while maintaining some line. It's really tough keeping the level of detail consistent, and even though the dimensions are no larger than a sheet of A4, it feels like I'm working on a canvas the size of a football field. My short attention span wanes after just a few hours. I began this page at 300 dpi, and it was murder. Gonna see if I can swing 200, then upres to 300 for the coloring bit. Would love to push pixels at 72 dpi, but there's no way that's going to size up in a non-choppy way. I'll make good use of this Cintiq yet!

Plan of attack for next experiment :
-100 dpi for blotty underdrawing (try to get this as figured out as possible before moving on)
-200 dpi for dark lines
-300 dpi for color and corrections


Unknown said...

Fantastic! and i Hate doin line work's makes me wanna through that shit at a wall.
anyway, keep up the greatness.

Unknown said...

Interesting and insightful. Will follow this one with interest.

1) Do you notice a huge improvement on the Cintiq compared to say a Graphire or Intuos? It's not the tools, but seeing where the pen goes makes sense.

In love with painter's caligraphic brushes for lines. Line quality is a different story. M-must.. practice.