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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Whisper -- Avaskanda

Blotted down some quick 'n' dirty ideas for an upcoming character in the comic I'm doing with Aaron. It's our take on a Garuda, holding a trishula.

#1 is my favorite.


Vinod Rams said...
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Vinod Rams said...

Nice stuff Paul!
#1 is good. But even though I can't see all the details #3 has a ton of attitude and character. I think it's the pose, because the other guys are just standing tall with their chests out. I think it's also because of the cool headdress.
You're getting your Hindu on with this project!
Grew up with all these mythological characters and stories!

Dave McNeal said...

Number 1 and number 4. Definitely a toss up between those two for me. Excellent sketches sir!

Aaron de Orive said...

I like the design of #1 quite a bit, but I agree that #3 and #4 have more "attitude."

Fantastic work, Paul.