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Sunday, May 3, 2009

porndrawing log - 05.03.09

It's no secret that I watch a lot of porn. Like, probably more than you do.

Today, to get a break from Necronomicook, I tried pausing a DVD at various spots and doing short tonal studies on the Cintiq. There's a bit of improv going on, but all these shots were observed from Volume 4 of the all-girl series "We Live Together." There's 7 of them to date. There's a pay site also. It's porn.

Since I wasn't restricted by stubby china marker on newsprint, I was able to get a little more specific than usual. I know. "Of all the subject matter", right? I figured if I'm going to be viewing, I might as well be learning. It's more than most guys manage, and I've got more than enough DVDs on hand.

Probably should have kept this to myself, since it's (a) kind of creepy and (b) implies I swipe my naughty stuff directly from videos, but I swear it's just for the purpose of study/practice!


Michael Pfeffer said...

"I like, smut"

"And so do I my friend!"

Aside from the naked breasts, it just looks like those nice women are really enjoying a large hot dog/gummy worm.

Anonymous said...

Moar liek this!!!

Adam Street said...

I've been painting from porn stills for the last few months and it's helped me tremendously! Content aside, there's usually a lot of shadows and one light source so it's pretty perfect for value work. Not to mention there's no shortage of it online. :)

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Well im diggin it.. any japanese version? *cough cough

_ said...

Girl on girl with something connecting them in between is always a viewing pleasure.

I've listened to your tips and been creating several works. Too poor to established a paid site and got kick out from, is blogspot a good idea to share *ehem 'these works'?

Unknown said...

Hmm, never thought of drawing from porn. Not a bad idea.