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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

USPS = Fail

Word of warning to anyone who ships stuff through the United States Postal Service : write "DO NOT BEND" on your padded mailer in big letters. Otherwise those monkeys will attempt to cram your merch into any space they deem crammable. While you're at it, include "DO NOT DEFECATE ON" and "NOT TO BE TAKEN INTERNALLY" just to be sure.

Jeremy Miller, your replacement is in the mail.

UPDATE : "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."


Adam Street said...

....that's annoying.

Unknown said...

Been there. That sucks.

Billy George said...

Ive heard if you write "Do not bend" they take special pleasure in bending it.

Im sure theres no policy to only bend the items that lack the message. its just the general risk of sending crap through the mail. theres no special box for the mail that "should not be bent"..and another that "can be bent".

Best to take your chances- no message. Thats UPS for ya.

James O'Shea said...

damn. or you can just ship it in a small box.

Are you still doing the Study Buddy exercises?! (just found it recently) I've posted one (on my blog) that my friend made for me. is it correct on how I approached it?

thanks for posting the Gnomon ThumbWar, WOW! so much info + useful as well. Couldn't make the workshop this time, but I have past gnomonWorkshop Live notes on my blog...

artboymoy said...

I always use a couple pieces of cardboard boxes that I cut up to put around the book. I don't trust the PO to not bend something.