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Saturday, October 10, 2009

lifedrawing log - 10.10.09

I went back to drawing with china marker this week, and since it's no longer daubs of digital paint, I get comments like "Oh, you drew a Disney version of her." You should see some of the vapid non-expressions and half-statements that come out of these sessions from people twice my age. They make pretty girls look like butt-ugly neanderthals. When you're faced with a pretty girl and produce an ugly drawing...double fail. You had THREE HOURS. I fucked all these up, but at least I had the sense to start over.

*closest approximation of actual pose (blah -- This model is super powerful and energetic in person; you can't just plop her there like a sack of potatoes and expect coolness.)
**pushed version of pose (back still doesn't look "at rest" enough -- should have straight-lined it)
***head, trying to keep eyes at more "realistic" size (eyes are a lot smaller than I prefer to draw them)
****proportions disregarded, trying to have fun (Fine art be damned!)


brianleepainter said...

Yeah...I find myself only listening
to a select few of the people that
attend the Saturday morning session, partly because of some
of the people's ignorance and
unwillingness to improve.

I agree that the pose chosen for her
to hold did not do her justice,
seeing how she is an energetic and
lively individual. However, I see
that you took this as a challenge
and turned the static into a more
livelier and altogether more pleasing gesture. I really admire
how you emphasis tilts and angles
to force the figure into the pose
you want to convey.

Michael Pfeffer said...

Disney girls are hot, but not that hot. She's more like a more real tex avery cartoon.

Those old people don't know nuthin.

Kurt Aspland said...

I am glad that I am not the only one to have bad days drawing. I really enjoy your blog, Keep it up.