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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WI trip - sketches

There's nothing like cabin fever for bringing out the filth! These were done on the airplane to and from WI and at the parents' house, semi-covertly. Big comp!

The heads with the red stars denote where I was looking at a hairstyle magazine (love those things), but the rest is, as you can probably guess, off-the-cuff. I find I get better, more dimensional poses when I lay in some form of gridded subdivision. If Loomis advocated "informal subdivision" than this is "super-informal subdivision" -- the idea of which is to break away from up-and-down compositions by introducing angles.

These color bits were done today, back in Austin. I was fussing with gradient maps to see if I could quickly get something finished looking over some hurried roughs. I shamelessly plugged in colors from hentai pics and photos, and just grayscale-painted it. My friend and colleague Toph would surely call this a "dirty trick" as it "let the computer make choices for me", but if this is what it takes to get me interested in rendering, so be it. I can hear Toph murmuring disapprovingly under his breath.

No shortcut is a substitute for good draughtsmanship. Even so, boredom MUST be kept at bay! I'm going to try to refine this process -- which I'm treating as a sort of training wheel exercise -- and make the values punchier and the edgework less selection-y.


Corlen Kruger said...

WOW Paul
Those little sketches are amazing, I love the energy you seem to capture with them, really awsome work man, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Nuts, I was playing with gradient maps as well, I liked playing with the colors to try to get the best gradient... a bit of yellow and a little red... it takes actual thought....

Vinod Rams said...

These are great gestures Paul! Pretty impressive for drawing on a plane. I only manage to get scribbly doodles on planes. Can't get comfortable in those crappy seats.