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Saturday, December 19, 2009

lifedrawing log - 12.19.09

Last lifedrawing post of the year! I know you guys probably get sick of seeing this stuff, but it's more to help me monitor progress. I find these sessions fulfilling because they present some very interesting and specific problems to be solved within very narrow timeframes. Concrte goal, concrete deadline. Before I can get bored, there's always a new pose, a fresh challenge. What's more, I'm completely shut off from all other distractions and demands for the duration, so I tend to think more and do more. Plus I get to listen to all the music I've been neglecting, so double-win.



Comparing it to stuff I did at roughly the same time last year, I'd say my shit is definitely zippier now...less rigid and static. I owe that to Drawn To Life Vols. 1 & 2 by Walt Stanchfield, who preached analysis and communication over crosshatching and copying. Dude is definitely the best teacher I never had, and his essays will be at my bedside for years to come.


Billy George said...

Love it! Im always inspired by your stuff.

Tam said...

awesome. please don't stop posting these.

Jeff Melton said...

I'll never get sick of these life drawings from you. I find them very inspiring personally, as well as a learning experience. Those Walt Stanchfield lectures also look awesome; gonna have to get my hands on those!

Vinod Rams said...

You have progressed a ton over the last year. The most recent work retain your style but also show a greater knowledge of mass, shape, and gesture. It helps that you seem to have a good venue and models at your disposal!

marctaro said...

Ya, I feel the same way about posting life drawing - isn't it like a musician posting a youtube vid of them doing scales? I guess if they were doing scales naked, then it would be fine :)

so anyway! keep posting - cuz we keep looking at it!

question! - so how did you get that last one on the lower right? was that an exercise, rotating the figure in your head - or were you up on a balcony or something?

Paul Richards said...

Marctaro -- Yes, it was a mental exercise. I'll sometimes pop the "camera" in a place other than where I'm sitting if viewing angle is stale and I can't move.

Vinod -- Yeah, there's lifedrawing sessions practically every day of the week somewhere in Austin. The models get a bit repetitious, but admission is cheap.