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Thursday, May 27, 2010

self analysis

How we draw says a lot about our personalities, much more than what we draw ever could.

For instance, this is me :

-wants all the fun, but none of the work
-often frustrated by outcome
-longing for simplicity
-searching, searching, searching

What I want out of the experience varies.  One day it's a spiffy drawing that I can be proud of, the next it's catharsis.  A diversion.  An exercise.  A gift.  The question is always "When do I ease up (selfish/recreation), and when do I decide to give it a little more elbow grease (selfless/sacrifice)?"  Must each effort walk that line between fulfillment and drudgery?  Seems that way...


Garry Jones said...

..and i thought it was just me who had that internal dialogue....i think it is sometimes called 'wrestling with your demons'. Nevertheless you seem to be doing ok though :)

ConnyNordlund said...

I'm very much alike. I'm impatient and I always have these ugly habits while working that I rely on too much.

carnalizer said...

I'd really love to see you evaluate someone elses personality based on style. :)

Please try it on 2-3 famous artists. I'm gonna try it myself to test if I believe that statement about style.

Zeke said...

yea, I've noticed most stuff I draw never gets past the rough stage, but the life of the gesture is something I don't want to polish to death

Cory Lewis said...

I enjoy reading your comments and hearing your thoughts. I like many others feel the same as you and think things through a ton. It's interesting. Art can become a religion or a philosophy to some degree, with a quest to find something about yourself , u know? I just hope I'm looking for the right

Jeris82 said...

I hear ya for sure!

On a hopefully related note:


I only hope to work with people like you one day......