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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Arisen fan art

Last Wednesday at sketch night I did some drawings based on this Arisen race in Allods Online. They're sort of like The Necron in Warhammer 40K, but Egypt-ified.

The ones in-game look waaaay cooler, and are beautifully painted. Some versions, which I found out about later, have this chunky shoulder armor that I wish I'd included on my ref sheet. Plus I forgot to give the female a tail, even after a friend sitting next to me who plays the game told me, "Dude, you know they've got tails, right?"

Still, a pretty fun little exercise.


Nick Reynolds said...

here are some cool articles from people that worked on the game if you havent seen them already.

Paul Richards said...

Ah, cheers for this. I'd seen a bunch of Nival peeps on CGHub, but I enjoy this peek into process. And lol -- I love how that Victor guy randomly inserts nudie pics.