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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blasphemous - fan art cntd. // BABE LAB CRITIQUES?

Concept cohort Tham Hoi Mun did his take on Hailey, half of Blasphemous. Dude is always working super-hard. Cut it out, man!!!  I would title this piece "Necronomicocks."

...and, for good measure, he drew Holly as well.

ATTN : I'm looking to start a "critique/paintover" section for Babe Lab.  If you'd like a helpful eye on your stuff and want to be publicly critted by either myself or a guest artist (I plan to recruit others to do my dirty work), get in touch.   Or better yet, crit MY shit and show me what's up. I dare you.


Kurt Papstein said...

Cool, I like the idea of crits on BabeLab. Would love to get your feedback on my stuff! I just need to make stuff first :|

Marc Nagel said...

Damn dickgirls..hillarious! XD

sakis said...

awsome!^_^ i would love critic on my stuff, esp my character designs>.< which ive yet to scan;3;