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Monday, April 11, 2011


Some artists are really diligent when it comes to challenging themselves and expanding their field of study. Personally, I think you should draw what you like, even if it's goofy, crass or crudely wrought!  Drawing without purpose is kind of like traveling without a destination.  Regardless of where you wind up, it still beats staying at home.

Speaking of artists who do what they like, here's a bonus pic of me and my art-crush, Miss. Monster, taken at Monsterpalooza! I loaded up on inspiration, so expect to see many more monsters and aliens soon!


Kurt Papstein said...

Yes! The pumpkins! AND silly dragons! Or are they dwagons?

Paul Richards said...

Durpy dwagons.

Zachary said...

Hey Paul,

Nice finally meeting you in person (at the convention). Thanks for the great crit and art "philosophy" chat. Its cool to actually sit (stand?) and talk to someone whose work I admire. Thanks for letting me pick your brain.

Hope you had as much fun at the con as I did. Judging by your pictures, it looks like it.



Paul Richards said...

Hey Zach...will probably bump into you again if you hang with AJ. Good meeting you, too! Yeah, I took lots of cellphone pics of various sculpts. There were a couple cool cyclopses, which I didn't even think was possible.