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Sunday, May 15, 2011

j/k LOL

Who's got two thumbs and zero discipline? *points at self* THIS GUY!!

So I drew a bunch of disembodied heads again.  Sue me.  Oh, and here's a bonus pic of yours truly at a Renaissance Faire holding a giant turkey leg --->

Before you ask, yes, Nyancat is totally appropriate for this type of event. Nyancat is appropriate for ALL EVENTS.


Mr--Jack said...

I _almost_ went this weekend . . . but then didn't.
Ha! Nice pumpkins though :D

(also thoroughly approve of the BL post though, in an attempt to be serious)

Kurt Papstein said...

/raises imaginary turkey leg

Misanthropic Cat said...

I approve of NYAN cat.

abe mullivan said...

Damn that's a nice looking turkey leg.