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Monday, August 15, 2011


The usual assortment of sketches I didn't want to take further ---->

Signed and customized sketchbook from Vinod Rams! Thanks, Vinod! ---->

Recycled and odorless paper made from elephant poo, courtesy of Pior Oberson. Thanks, Pior! ---->



Sean McNally said...

awesome! so many great shapes and so much creativity on those sketch pages....and beautiful line quality as always!

not too sure about that "poo paper" though...I like to think that's how it came out: as one long sheet!


Nick Carver said...

Grat stuff Paul! I love the energy and variety in that compendium of sketches.

Routinechaos said...
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Routinechaos said...

ooOOOOo... is Vinod selling sketchbooks!? I want one :3

(i removed my post earlier because of the spelling mistake lol)