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Friday, October 21, 2011

lifedrawing log - 10.19.11 / 10.20.11

Don't bother clicking on these. They don't get any bigger.

Here's an amusing anecdote from last night's session (below): It was the model's first time modeling so everything was new for her. About an hour in she mentioned that, whenever she'd make eye contact with an artist, their gaze would instantly drop -- a sea of heads bobbing up and down, up and down, and she had the power to control them. "It's like playing whac-a-mole!"

I can't speak for every person who attends these, but I suspect the main reason we shyly disengage from such intimate encounters is that we feel it's a little overindulgent. The less we avert our eyes, the better results we get, but there's always this knee-jerk sense of propriety and reverence that prevents us from being blatant oglers. I like this, actually. I like that I still feel as if I'm in the presence of divinity. That I'm not quite worthy. The moment I become clinical about this is the moment I should give it up.


Adam Temple said...

It's a complex feeling there, because whether you want to or not, you're communicating w your eyes. I think it just depends on what you want to convey. Looks like a divine session indeed :P

Paul Adam said...

Agree. In general, the eyes are very powerful. Definitely feels like getting zapped when a life model catches you in their beams.

Stacy LeFevre said...

Usually when I make eye contact with a model, it becomes intimate for me despite the fact that she's bearing all for the artists to see and use. But it feels more like when you catch a gaze with a wild animal and then smitten by its beauty and power that I usually become a bit paralyzed. Perhaps that's just me and if I hold that gaze for too long, it slows me down.

Looks like she did a great job for her first time. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice ones... And I agree with you on the Divinity matter. We are handed a gift when people give themselves, their whole selves, to artists. It is something else. Thanks for sharing your view and putting words for me to something that before was only a feeling.

Alexey Samokhin said...

Second part of drawings are your best!