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Friday, November 4, 2011

hand practice -- pt. 1

Teaching myself how to draw (still)...

I had a little breakthrough the other night on the subject of hand drawing that came from this book.  Peck, in one of his many useful diagrams, suggests that the hand be broken down into 3 parts :

-the 3 middle fingers running parallel to the arm (aligned with the wrist)
-the thumb wedge (and its pad)
-the pinky (and its pad)

Thinking of it this way helps me construct a bit faster out of my imagination, without resorting to looking at pictures, or even my own hand.

Following exercises will plant the hand on a greater variety of surfaces. Seems like a good idea to draw out some plane, curvature or object to map the hand onto/around. Or some trinket to have it grasp.

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John Zylstra said...

The Peck book has a lot of good principles to follow. I still use some of them in conjunction with Loomis rules. Of course, nothing beats actual observation and practicing from memory shortly after. Very pretty hands.