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Friday, January 25, 2013

Techsplore 05

Some end-of-day Photoshop fiddling.  Started with some blobs followed by a thoughtful going-over of my usual greebly bits.  Then came the flipping and mirroring on 'darken' and 'lighten' layer modes to -- in the words of my concept lead Sparth -- "see what it gives."  While I still don't believe it's possible to automate "awesome", such exercises do nice things to my brain.  


Kurt Papstein said...

I talk about a similar idea when it comes to sculpting.

Really it boils down to building a relationship with your tools, so that it works WITH you rather than always for you.

I use this partnership to stay productive during those times you need to deliver, but can't get the juices flowing.

I agree, automating awesome isn't something that can happen. But you can stimulate the awesome corners of your brain to see awesome.

Nasan Hardcastle said...

This looks pretty cool! What are you doing to get the effect on the second image from the left? Is it just the 'Accented Edges' filter, or what other things are you doing to it?

Unknown said...