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Saturday, December 22, 2007

alien picnic -- color 2

My much more color-savvy wife Wendy helped me pick a less garish scheme to proceed with. Going to try to make the end result stick to this warmer palette, with some subtler stuff going on. For instance, her uniform, jetpack, luchpails etc. now need more definition, not to mention that little cyclops-squirrel.


Overwrote this with some minor finishing touches. I think I'll leave this here, or risk over-rendering.


Tham Hoi Mun said...

Dude..nice works! Manage to find you at blogspot finally... may i add you in my blog link? mine is

artboymoy said...

Your wife's a smart cookie.

Paul Richards said...

Tham...dig your bots, man! Thanks for the comment!

Tham Hoi Mun said...

LOl... i really dig your stuff too man! Love the designs you did on Quake 4... really Badass! nice.. heheh..

Andrew said...

Friggin tight as usual, Paulie. I love love love the retro space design of her jet pack and the helmet. And props to the Wendigo for the color advice.