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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Spacegirl RMX

...this time based off a drawing by sketch-cohort Brett Bean.
-I forgot to give her hips even a sutble tip/swivel, making her look a bit ED-209ish. Her posture is unfemininely rigid. Where's the distribution of weight?
-The whole piece suffers from "concept art syndrome" where lack of plausible motion, background elements and dynamic perspective result in something not quite worthy of the term "illustration." What are her hands doing? What's her story? Should've given her a weapon, or a PDA, or a sandwich...anything to lend last-ditch purpose to the pose.
-The boots are the only part I'm remotely pleased with, which is strange considering I normally gimp out on the lower legs/feet. Random blob-tech ftw!
Could spend lots of time correcting the little things, but I'd do better to start over and get the *big things* right -- i.e. motivation/gesture/silhouette/weight/composition. Funny how something as simple as a fantasy pin-up girl can be such a struggle.


Brett Bean said...

awesome, I am honored.

Billy George said...

Very cool Paul! You inspired me to try some "remixes" of my own. Lets see....where did I put that Braindump sketch book....?