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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dominance Whores -- APRIL FOOLS

Many an art forum goon has been slammed trying to come up with the end-all-be-all badass for Dominance War III, a character creation contest spanning multiple communities with 2D and 3D categories. The gimmick is that you have to give your dude some magical, non-techy artifact, and, I dunno, figure out how he uses it to fight stuff. There's a whole backstory you're supposed to base your design around.

No disrespect to all my peers and colleagues who took this year's challenge seriously, but my last-minute plan (effective at 4PM yesterday) is to do increasingly slutty faux-entries with increasingly slutty artifacts.

May the best whore win!

(Yes, I'm aware of how completely off-color this is.)


Dave McNeal said...

This is awesome!The amazing thing is even though this is a parody, as you call it, you still design to the fullest. Thinking things through. Nicely done!

Adam Street said...

...I just want to know how they activate the weapons. LOL Parody or not, great work as always!

Unknown said...

dude you're awesome. Love your work!

Joshua James said...


Billy George said...

Super cool girls. Youve got my vote. I think theres only a few people on the planet who draw girls as well you.

Unknown said...

Great stuff, fantastic work even though even if you are taking the P*ss.

Unknown said...

great concepts man
i love your style!