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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jumping The Gun = Second-Guess-A-Thon

From 9 AM to 5:30 PM I worked on this thing.

As you can see, I'm marginally closer to finishing it. Would be finished full-stop were it seemingly impossible for me to not make major revisions to the poses, armor designs, wall geometry, lighting, etc.

This edition of Comickers shows a trend : None of the featured artists introduce value until their underdrawing is clear and resolute. If it works in line, it will apparently work as a painting. Why do I think I can bypass this crucial stage and design on-the-fly? What does it take to commit and plow through, rather than dwell on how a piece might be improved? Unfortunately, saying "Fuck it. The next one will better." doesn't make the ugliness in your current one go away.

There is literally nothing left to do at this point but start over -- use what I've come up with so far as a springboard foundation for a new underdrawing. On paper. On fucking paper...

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