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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dominance War vs. Top Chef

It's tough to find a good restaurant in hell these days.

But before you go running off to one of the major family-style chains or (God forbid) McDonalds, why not see if you can book a reservation at the original Hell's Kitchen? It's the 500 story mecha-lossus with the rotating observation deck on its head.

sketchnotes :

I was originally going to submit the mechanical, soul-driven "Hell's Kitchen" and its demented pilot/chef "Necronomicook" as my Dominance War IV entry, but found this annoying little warning while re-skimming the rules...

"Races and Character Classes: (choose only one. No combinations of any sort are allowed.)


Well, anyone who knows me knows what I think of rules. So, as I did last year, I think I'll do my own version of Dominance War, where it's more like Top Chef* and warring factions fight for supremacy in the field of ghoulish gastronomy. That'll show 'em!

...Or I could just do Necronomicook a standalone, organic character, with pots, pans, ovens and chimneys jammed into him where horns should be.

* My wife watches Top Chef, not me.

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