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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Necronomicook - short story / beauty shot layout

Demon Lord Korpulus stared at his retirement present in sunken disbelief. "What the hell is this?"

"It's a spice rack!" beamed Lady Korpulus, pointing out the custom engraving of her husband's name across the trinket's decorative baseboard. "Because you like spicy food?"

"This isn't what I think it is, is it? Christ, Linda..." Lord Korpulus directed his significantly-less-fiery gaze to the mountain of unopened boxes covering the breakfast nook.

She wanted him to take up cooking.

In an instant his wife's demeanor shifted from 'expectantly gleeful' to that of her usual role. "Well, honey, now that you're officially off duty, I figured you could use a hobby. Honestly, all you do is sit around the lake of fire, staring off into that damned abyss. It's not like the abyss is going to stare back, Harry."

"So..." Korpulus took a deep breath. "Let me see if I've got this straight : I paid for this house, put our children through college, all while serving the Army of Hell for millennia -- with high honors -- and now you want me to serve you?"

"Dinner, yes." said Lady Korpulus, using her fingernail to crack the tape on a combo pack of sauce pans, muffin tins and cookie sheets. "And I've got the most adorable apron for you to wear. It says 'Grillmeister!' Isn't that rich?"

Korpulus examined a painstakingly giftwrapped object that could only be a spatula, and thought to himself, "One of these boxes must contain a set of knives."

Used some subdivision to help with my composition. To further convey bigness I have him running off the page slightly...hope I won't be penalized. A re-cropping might be in order.

Will probably wind up playing with the overlaps in the tenderizer/hammer region. I'm thinking of making the top portion into a little holding cell with screaming people inside, since I'm not sure I'll be able to convey that in his chest-oven.

Next up...ref sheet and turnaround, so I can figure this guy out a little more. Having a beauty shot mapped out a little gives me something to pull toward.


Mike Monroe said...


robin_chyo said...

i couldn't resist! i had to take a look. man, this is getting really interesting! looking forward to seeing your progress :]

Vinod Rams said...

His left arm with the tenderizer has a bit of an awkward pose to it. Mostly because of how crammed it is to the left edge. I think you could make it a bit more powerful with a clearer pose!

I do like how worms eye view helps the design though!

Danny said...

The short story made me laugh aloud. Good stuff. And to be expected, a brilliantly zany concept.